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Signs You May Need a Root Canal

Are you suffering from severe persistent dental pain? Does eating hot or cold foods exaggerate this pain? If your answer is yes, then you may be a candidate for root canal treatment. Root canals procedures are offered in Colorado Springs, CO, by your qualified dentist, Dr. Sheldon Golomb of Dental Arts Center.

What is a root canal treatment, and when is it needed?

A root canal is a tiny canal in the tooth center that houses nerves and blood vessels. 
The tooth damage that results from tooth decay, filling leakage, or trauma, will make it possible for the bacteria that live naturally in the mouth to evade the tooth, reaching the soft tissue, which is called the dental pulp, and causing infection. The infection will cause pulp inflammation, which will further increase bacterial growth and worsen the case. To eliminate the infection, your dentist will remove these microorganisms from the teeth by performing a root canal.

How is a root canal performed?

Before starting the root canal procedure in Colorado Springs, CO, Dr. Golomb will make a small hole in your tooth, and then he will extract any dead or dying tissues and clean the canals thoroughly. After making sure that your teeth canals are bacteria-free, your dentist will use an inert filling to close the canal. Finally, the opening will be closed using adhesive cement to prevent any future infections, and a new dental crown will be used to protect the tooth. During the whole process, you will be anesthetized, which makes the procedure very comfortable.

How do you know if you need a root canal treatment?

The following are the most commonly seen symptoms in patients who need a root canal:

  • Severe continuous pain that increases with eating, chewing, or drinking
  • Gum swelling that may develop into facial swelling
  • Teeth darkening

If you are suffering from any of these signs, please don’t ignore them. Delaying the root canal treatment and not having it at the right time will increase the risk of tooth loss.

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