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Do You Need an Emergency Dentist?

Life happens and accidents can occur. When you’ve injured your smile, it’s important that you not panic, and instead be prepared on what to do in a dental emergency. Dr. Sheldon Golomb, your emergency dentist at Dental Arts Center in Colorado Springs, CO, is on call 24 hours a day for dental emergencies. Knowing what to do in a dental emergency can be the difference between repairing your tooth and losing your tooth completely.

What To Do In a Dental Emergency

When your tooth has been knocked out or you’ve badly bitten your tongue, it may cause you to panic, but knowing what to do in these situations will help you increase your chances of saving your tooth and making a full recovery.

When you’ve knocked out your tooth, it’s important to first gather your tooth and very gently rinse it in water. This will get rid of any dirt or bacteria that may have gotten your tooth when it fell out. You should be sure to try and leave the nerves on the end of the tooth intact. You can also gently rinse out your mouth to stop any bleeding that you may be experiencing. If possible, you can attempt to place the tooth back into its socket. Otherwise, be sure to place the tooth in a glass of milk or water to preserve it.

Visit your emergency dentist in Colorado Springs, CO, as soon as possible to deal with your situation. You can place a cold compress on the outside of your mouth to help reduce swelling and make the process as easy as possible for your dentist.

Don’t Panic In an Emergency!

Accidents happen, but it’s important that you know what to do and you visit your emergency dentist in Colorado Springs, CO, as soon as possible. Be sure to contact Dr. Golomb at Dental Arts Center to ask any questions you may have about dental emergencies at (719) 528-6441 today!

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