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What is Baby Bottle Tooth Decay?

So your todler doesn't want to get let go of the bottle and you don't think it's a big deal. Well, that's not entirely true. Have you ever heard of baby bottle tooth decay? Babies are susceptible to cavities caused by bottles even though bottles are temporary. At Dental Arts Center, your family dentist, Dr. Sheldon Golomb of Colorado Springs, CO, can help.

More About Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Decay often occurs in the upper front teeth. Tooth decay in infants and toddlers is dangerous. It's wrong to think baby teeth will just fall out and that children only need to care for adult teeth. Damaged baby teeth can affect how adult teeth come in.

What Causes Baby Bottle Tooth Decay?

  1. Long-term or frequent exposure to sugar. Babies put to bed with bottles or given bottles when they're fussy have frequent and prolonged exposure to drinks that contain sugar.
  2. Tooth decay can transfer from parent to child. How? If a parent puts a bottle in their mouth and then uses that same bottle to feed the baby, this transfers bacteria to the baby's mouth.
  3. Your child may not be getting enough fluoride. You want to make sure you use fluoride-containing toothpaste, for example, and speak with your dentist about fluoride treatment.

Your Family Dentist in Colorado Springs, CO, Prevents Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

  • Avoid the common use of spoons or licking pacifiers
  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean baby teeth when they erupt
  • Avoid sugary drinks in bottles
  • Place only formula and milk in bottles and avoid putting children to bed with a bottle
  • Children should floss teeth as soon as adjacent teeth erupt
  • By the age of one, teach your child to rely on using a cup instead of a bottle. Talk to your family dentist if you're unsure of how to do this

Want to learn more about baby bottle tooth decay?

If you would like to speak with Dr. Golomb, your family dentist in Colorado Springs, CO, make sure you call Dental Arts Center at (719) 528-6441 today!

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