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Creating an Emergency Dental Plan

A dental emergency can be both stressful and painful. The situation can become even more worrisome if the emergency occurs after hours when the dentist’s office is closed. The good news is we can help, even if you experience a dental emergency after hours. Dr. Sheldon Golomb, the experienced family dentist at Dental Arts Center in Colorado Springs, CO, is on call for dental emergencies.

Dental Emergency Services

Dental emergencies are situations that are best treated immediately in order to prevent additional problems. Treating an urgent situation right away could help you avoid costly restoration procedures later. Prompt treatment is also important for maintaining optimal oral health. The skilled family dentist at our office in Colorado Springs, CO, is available to treat the following types of dental emergencies no matter what time of day or night they occur:

  • Broken teeth
  • Root canals 
  • Infections 
  • Gum problems
  • Tooth extractions

There are some actions you can take to treat the problem in the short time you are coordinating with our office to see the dentist for emergency treatment. For instance, applying a cold compress to the affected area will help reduce swelling. If possible, continue holding the compress in place while someone else drives you to our office for emergency care. In the event that a tooth is knocked out, keep it moist and bring it with you to your appointment.

Emergency Dental Plans

The best way to handle a dental emergency is to create a plan ahead of time. Being prepared can help you stay calm and think quickly if an emergency does occur. In addition to remaining calm, one of the best things you can do in an emergency situation is to act quickly. As mentioned, have a cold compress on hand that can be used for pain and swelling. Also, be sure to have our phone number readily available so you can contact us right away and make arrangements to see the dentist.

Finally, a good plan often includes preventive measures to avoid a dental emergency in the first place. Wearing a mouthguard when playing sports or participating in rigorous activities can protect teeth from being cracked, chipped, broken, or knocked loose. Another way you can prevent a cracked or broken tooth is by avoiding certain foods, such as hard candies. Chewing on ice should be avoided, as well.

Developing an emergency dental plan can help you remain calm and take quick action to seek assistance in case you ever experience an urgent situation, such as a broken tooth. Dr. Golomb is available around the clock for dental emergencies. To see our exceptional family dentist, call Dental Arts Center in Colorado Springs, CO, at (719) 528-6441.

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